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Jeff Carlson Band

Rock - Alt. Rock

United States

RFL Records/MK Music USA

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Jeff Carlson - IRSC - QZ9MZ1800325
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The Jeff Carlson Band, Las Vegas Nevada's heatwave of Melodic Hard Rock announce their debut album "Yesterday's Gone." The idea for the new album "Yesterdays Gone," was first consumated in February of 2020. With Covid 19 in full-swing the writing and collaboration stretched into July and the recording into November, but the pandemic had deeper effects, ingesting itself into the bands song writing. The songs not only touch on the pandemic, but also the political issues that manifested, mixed with personal issues that Jeff was going through at the time. There was plenty of raw emotion to build off of and the album reflects that emotion. With tracks like "Yesterday's Gone" and "American Dream," the band brings to light what we are all feeling in the these times of uncertainty and touches the sensitivities that encompass us all.  The major theme of the record being what Carlson referred to as hope in a world that needed more light instead of darkness.

Jeff Carlson States: “The album, “Yesterday's Gone,” originally started out as an E. P., but once Covid hit, we all stopped playing so we decided to make it a full length record. We really took our time and made sure we put in the time for the detail work to really shine on this record. I wanted to write lyrically about what was going on in the world during the pandemic as well as I thought it was really important to write about hope rather than everything being so bleak. At the end of the day we are really proud of this record because we all gave 110% to make it as great as we possibly could make it!”

Jon Marchewka – CEO RFL Records Comments:

“I am extremely proud of the final product that the Jeff Carlson Band has delivered. 2020 was an extremely difficult year with no live shows to be played a lot of artists did not know what to do. This band took 2020 and turned an EP into their first, full-length album. Jeff played live stream acoustic shows nearly every week while the band was writing and they all stayed focused. Their hard work and commitment is reflected on this album. This is a band that has taken the next step and is now a professional band that is a force to be reckoned with.”

For fans of Tesla, Journey, KISS, Dokken, etc..., there are plenty of influences to describe what these guys are all about. The band delivers a high dosage of hooks with their melodic hard rock style that taps into the glory days of the late 80’s and early 90’s and pulls that energy into the new millenium. With heavy guitars, high energy melodies and a heart pounding backbeat, JCB blast the arena rock style into the spotlight and into the ears of today's hard rock fans.



Jeff Carlson - Vocals/Guitar  

Todd Turgeon - Drums

Robbie Wolfe - Guitar

Cory Kay - Bass

Special Guest: Mark Slaughter - Lead Guitar on La Do Da


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