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Clay Joule

Rock - Adult Contemporary

United States


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Clay Joule
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Funky Sphere
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Mid-July will see the release of singersongwriter, Clay Joule's,upcoming single, Funky Sphere.

Paying tribute to the airline workers, pilots and employees of the sky, this new single host's heartfelt lyrics, ballad-style instrumentals in an ode to flight attendants, and airline resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Air travel is something the public seemingly takes for granted, with this song bringing air travel and the workers to the forefront of the listener.

Atmospheric guitar riffs, which host a little funk behind them, alongside clean drums and song structure form this song into a unique masterpiece, which still resonates with near everyone who has travelled, and mostly so with airline workers and flight attendants whom this song commends.

Speaking on the influences, Clay Joule informs listeners and readers that. “In a nutshell, I've travelled the world and lived in 7 countries for as long as I can remember, and I've seen these beautiful and hardworking stewardesses keep their smiles on while they serve even during long hours of flights, they risk their lives to be on board, especially during COVID”. The lyricism is further suggestive of the role air stewardesses have had, with reference to their consistently maintained appearance, and continuous happiness. Independently created, this single also proposes the best of creativity, one that has inspired and influenced many during the pandemic. Clay’s attempt at crossing the positives with the trouble of the pandemics is one that is done with success and hopes to continue to unite people and their struggles through the joy of music.

Speaking further on the singles purpose, Joule tells us, “Now that the travel restrictions are more at ease, I hope this song can remind people to board the plane again and remind everyone how grateful we are for being comforted by the stewardesses in order to help us reach our destinations, no matter if you are travelling for work or uniting with your love ones”. In short, this single is a unique yet classically presented representation for potentially underrepresented frontline workers of the pandemic, portraying funkyballad style musicianship, easy on anyone’s ears.

Being released on major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, this sings I will be accompanied by a music video, which pays further tribute through floaty imagery, dreamful graphics and artistic shots of airline life. Search ‘Clay Joule’ on the major platforms for more information, ready in time for the release!

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